Below are links to a short biography of each Councillor plus their contact email address.

Clerk: Elizabeth Billingham – 

Chair: Brian Mitchener –

Vice Chair: David Kirkby –


Fab de Liberali –

Rob Ducker –

John Furlong –

Constance Leach –

Rebecca Hare

Address for correspondence:

The Clerk, 7 Chapel Road, Swanmore, SO32 2QA   Tel: 07795098817

OBPC Standing Orders based on NALC 2014

OBPC Financial Regulations 2014

Your other elected representatives:

Winchester City Council:  Eleanor Bell, Brian Laming and Jan Warwick

Hampshire County Council:  Jan Warwick

Your MP:  Steve Brine represents Winchester & Chandler’s Ford.
You can email him or call 0207 219 7189 (London), 01962 791110 (constituency).
He has a constituency ‘shop’ at 9 Stockbridge Road.


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